Human trafficking, goods/commodities smuggling and other migration related offences are major concerns in border communities. Particularly in a border town like Idi-iroko where little or nothing is known about the provisions of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Free Movement Protocol, these problems are even more commonplace. Furthermore in addition to the ignorance about the Free Movement Protocol in Idi-iroko, there are other constraints such as poverty, women and youth unemployment and illiteracy that provide an enabling environment for these problems to thrive.
Major Activities
This project proposes to confront the four constraints through sensitization, education and empowerment (SEE). Firstly, the SEE Project will combat ignorance of the ECOWAS Free Movement Protocol as a critical factor reinforcing trafficking in persons (TIP) activities in Idiroko border community by sensitizing community residents especially women and children on the dangers of human trafficking. Appreciating the critical role of women in societal development, the project will also empower a population of women within the community through entrepreneurship and vocational skill acquisition trainings. The training will focus on vocations such tailoring and fashion designing, computer and secretarial service delivery, hair dressing, baking and bead making. Sequel to the training, beneficiaries will be guided and empowered (through donation of equipment and award of seed funding) to establish small scale businesses (vocations) which will serve the community.