Left Mr. AdelekeAdemuyiwa CBN, (second left), Dr. Arome Salifu, (middle), Mrs. Nancy IllohNnajiMoneylineDAAR communications,(second right) Mr. Igho‘Akeregha Abuja Bureau Chief, the Guardian Newspaper, President of Civil Liberties Organization CLO,(right), Prof GlylychJelilov Dean Nile University.

Mrs Nancy Illohduring her speech during the Youth Leadership and Mentoring program, where she spoke on business development, stating that Youths should be the creators of jobs not takers of jobs.

MrighoAkeregha delivering his speech on governance and entrepreneurship, he went on to say the Youths should be the solution the problems of the society.

Dr.GylychJelilov Dean of social science and arts department during his introduction speech.