AYGF Stands In Solidarity With Victims of Inequalities

HIV/AIDS: AYGF Stands In Solidarity With Victims Of Inequality



The Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) over the years has been a major concern to the world due to its life-threatening condition caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

The HIV virus attacks the immune system of the patient thus, reducing its resistance to other diseases.

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As of 2017, AIDS had killed between 28.9 million and 41.5 million people worldwide, and an estimated 36.7 million people are living with HIV. Although a final cure to the infection is yet to be ascertained, various campaigns and communications strategies has helped create awareness to the causes, prevention and management of the infection. This campaign has also helped in the reducing stigmatization of the individuals living with the disease.

In recent times, access to antiretroviral treatments has become more improved and accessible consequently leading to an increasingly rare progression to AIDS in most individuals.

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Since 1988, the World Health Organization (WHO) set aside December 1, as a day to not only educate the world on prevention methods on HIV and AIDS, but also to support those living with the condition as well as remember those who have died.

This year was themed, “End inequalities. End AIDS” to make reference to those who have been left behind or forgotten due to various inequalities affecting the society.

As we join the world in celebrating this day, AYGF stands in solidarity with all those who have felt forgotten, left behind or unimportant in the fight against this global ‘disease’.

We firmly stand against any form of inequality or social injustice that has affected the distribution and access to treatment and information concerning this disease.

Working with several international organizations like UNDP, ECOWAS, IOM, WHO and UNICEF amongst others AYGF has helped to expand access to high-quality health services; develop pharmaceutical and supply chain management capacities; build skills in leadership, transparency, and accountability; and create new avenues for health sector stakeholders to share knowledge with their colleagues within the region.



” Happy Children’s Day” Thursday, May 27th, 2021

AYGF would like to affirm that children are leaders of tomorrow, boys and girls from different ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds. By virtue of nation-building and development, these significant lots are the future. However, children all over share a common vulnerability as age almost always renders them unripe, unformed, and ingenious to confront life’s challenges. This has also proven to be a weakness throughout the years of their growth, and thus poses several consequences to the development of our society. The society owes these promising and inspiring lots a responsibility of proper guidance and protection all through their various stages of development.

AYGF also advocates for the protection of children in Nigeria, Africa, and the world at large by encouraging the Governments of all Thirty-six (36) states to adopt the Child Rights Act. According to the findings of the 2014 NIgeria Violence Against Children Survey conducted by the National Population Commission with the support of the United States Centre for Disease Control and UNICEF; there is a high prevalence of violence against children in all the states in Nigeria. It was observed that approximately six out of ten children experienced some form of violence and 50 percent of all children in Nigeria experienced physical violence. The survey also noted that one in four girls and one in ten boys experience sexual violence, while one in six girls and one in five boys experience emotional violence by a parent, caregiver, or adult relative.

AYGF also points out that over the years in Nigeria, we have also witnessed the rising spate of kidnappings and mass abduction of students from schools for ransom. It is rather sad to note that these crimes are regrettably on the rise in Nigeria. The case of Government Science college students Kagara, Government Girls Secondary School in Jangebe, the Chibok girls, and Dapchi students kidnap amongst others still forms a dark cloud on our minds. It is unfortunate to note that for many of these cases, perpetrators of the ungodly acts have not been served the justice they deserve, as children continue to live in fear.

It is in this light that AYGF, Urges the government to secure schools and the country at large from banditry, terrorism, and kidnapping. With a special interest in governance, development, and education, the organization will keep generating support and sending out messages to the government to secure schools and the general public from banditry, kidnapping, and terrorism, with children being the major victims of these heinous crimes.

The millions of children living in fear of harm can still have hope in Nigeria as AYGF, amongst other stakeholders continue to make bold presentations and pragmatic move to the Government in order to curb insecurity and restore safety especially to children, which is an integral part of our MICC project this year in the area of migration.

As we commemorate this Children’s day, we wish to use this avenue to reiterate that the Children’s Rights Act is a Human right and must be respected and protected.  Happy Children Day.


Why You Need to Enroll for NIN, Now!

What is NIN?

NIN, stands for National Identification Number. It is a record of your demographic data, fingerprints, head-to-shoulder facial picture, other biometric data, and digital signature in the National Identity Database.

Who is Enforcing the Enrollment for NIN?

The Federal Government of Nigeria through the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC)

Why Enroll for NIN?

Now more than ever, it’s mandatory, for every transaction, not to mention, exercising your Franchise, which is your right to vote and be voted for in the upcoming elections.

No NIN, no voting, so don’t disenfranchise yourself. There is more. The National e-ID card is the future and your NIN registration is the only road in that direction. Do you want to travel? International passport application & acquisition is mandatory and your NIN is required. I believe it’s no longer news, that your bank accounts will have your BVN replaced with your NIN. How about your freedom to drive a car? You need the NIN to get a driver’s license.

Health is wealth, they say, and the National Health Insurance Scheme requires your NIN for registration and participation. Taxes are part of your civil obligations and your NIN is the only link to the database to verify your commitment to paying your taxes, in order not to be mistaken for a tax evader. What about transactions related to your contributory pension scheme? you don’t want to lose your hard-earned, life savings just because you were too busy for the NIN.

Why risk getting disconnected from your telecom service provider for not linking your

SIM to NIN; not to mention new regulation for SIM registration and replacements. Access to the welfare and other relevant services from the Nigerian government requires your NIN; so the next time there is a palliative, they might be asking for your NIN. Also, transactions with social security implications require your NIN.

Finally, it’s everybody’s dream to become a landlord but Land transactions, subject to Land Use require proper identification and that can only be guaranteed with the NIN.

Requirements for NIN Enrollment

Now, I believe you must be looking through your things for your birth certificate or declaration of age, driver’s License, government staff ID card, registered/recognized private organization staff ID card, tax clearance certificate, attestation letter from a prominent ruler in your community.

Find the nearest NIMC Enrollment Centre with your BVN if you have one and any of the documents listed, follow the link  for more information on required documents. Save yourself the pain today and register for NIN.

Who Needs to Enroll for NIN?

Every Nigerian, home and abroad. A civil obligation and duty to Nigeria to help her gather data, necessary for proper management of development goals, migration-related issues, and democratic governance.

Who to Talk to for Useful Information and Assistance with the NIN Enrollment.

AYGF is a Non-governmental organization committed to ensuring development in Africa, linked to democracy, governance, and development. AYGF is Licensed by NIMC, to facilitate and assist the general public, with the enrollment process for the NIN.

A step in the right direction, towards achieving so many of the organization’s set goals for Nigeria, and Africa at large, as embedded in its mission and vision statements. Follow this link for more information and sign up for Newsletters. You can also send an email to


Abba Abba


Why We All Have to Advocate for the protection of Migrants

Who is a Migrant?

Photo of Migrants at Jibya border Katsina state © Mohammed Ahmed/ Nigerian Immigrations service 2019.

 A migrant is a person who moves from his/her place of usual residence within a Country or across International Borders temporarily or permanently. Technically speaking, the term applies to you and me.

Why do people Migrate?

People migrate for a plethora of reasons, you must agree, given you have migrated for a reason or two in the past. The fact remains, that people will continue to migrate for economic, socio-political, and religious reasons, and it will be an abuse of their migrants’ rights to stop them.

What are Migrants’ Rights?

Migrants’ rights are human rights because everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the Borders of any Country and the rights to leave any Country including his/her own and to return to his/her Country. Militating against the exercise of these rights would be migrants’ rights abuse.


What are the Different Shades of Migrants’ Rights abuse?

Photos of Nigerian migrants being held in detention and tortured in Libya. © Moayad Zaghdani/ IOM 2020.

Listening to migrants tell tales of their ordeals across foreign Borders, has attracted sympathy, which has developed into empathy to take a stand against, unlawful detention, extortion, and all other forms of physical emotional, and psychological abuses. It’s no longer news that migrants face dehumanizing and life-threatening predicaments at foreign Borders, the Nigerian situation in Libya was just one example of migrants’ rights abuse.

What are the Drivers of Migrants’ Rights Abuse?

To address the problem, we must isolate the culprit, which includes;

  • Ignorance of Migrants’ rights
  • Poor technical and operational capacity
  • Corruption
  • Inter-agency rivalries and red-tapism
  • Poor technological application, working conditions, and incentives.
  • Poor oversight and ethical operational deficiencies.

Present Interventions to Prevent the Abuse of Migrants’ rights.

The European Union and other International development Organizations are working tirelessly to curb irregular migration and to protect the rights of migrants; part of the EU intervention is ‘The EU-IOM Initiative for Migrants’ Protection and Reintegration in Nigeria to supports the Capacity Building of Border Operatives for Migrants’ Protection (CABBOMP).

AYGF is currently engaged by International Organization for Migration (IOM) to  implement this project in three major Borders across Nigeria, which includes; Seme Border ( Lagos State), Mfum Border (Cross River State,) and Jibya Border ( Katsina State), with one goal in mind, which is to protect migrants, the objectives of this project are highlighted as follows;


  • Enhance knowledge and understanding of Border operatives on issues.
  • Raise consciousness of border operatives on the need to operate within the existing national, regional, and international protocol on protection of Migrants
  • Facilitation of operational efficiency and inter-agency cooperation at the Borders.
  • Monitoring, evaluation, and reporting of compliance by Border operatives.
  • Improved Migrant Protection and human rights conditions in Seme Border (Lagos State), Jibya Border (Katsina State), and Mfum Border (Cross River State).

Photo from (CABBOMP) press conference © Sakeenah  Ahmed/ AYGF


Knowing that we are all migrants is enough reason to support projects and initiatives that have been put in place to protect us when we carry that status across an International Borders.

Find out more about (CABBOMP) at or send an e-mail to You can also follow updates, support with comments, and petitions through the organization’s social media handles.


Abba Abba




AYGF in Partnership With German Cooperation (GIZ), Hosted a Webinar Event on June 4, 2020 on The Theme “Impact of COVID-19 on Jobs, Social Protection and Migrant Workers in Nigeria” from 11am – 1pm.


  • Lorwa Apera (National Coordinator Social Safety Nets Coordinating Office – NASSCO)
  • Ayuba Wabba (National President NLC)
  • Otive Igbuzor (Founder, African Centre For Leadership Strategy and Development and AYGF Board Member)
  • Hajara Umar Sami (Ag. Nat. Coordinator and Fed. Dpt. Direct, Youth Employment Social Support Operation – YESSO)


  • Sandra Vemuljten (Team Leader Programme Migration for Development, GIZ)

Dr Arome Salifu (Executive Director AYGF)



It is with deep reflection and complete sense of duty and responsibility that AYGF addresses the press on the fire incident at the Treasury House, Abuja on Wednesday, 8th April, 2020.

While we wish to sympathize with the office of the Accountant General of the Federation and Nigeria over the incidence, it is our considered position that the fire incident might not be caused by natural causes and could be by agents of corruption who are desperate and trying very hard to cover up their dirty and corrupt tracks.

Accordingly, we wish to call for full and thorough investigation to unravel the true circumstances leading to the fire incident and the identities of those behind it for decisive prosecution and maximum punishment to serve as deterrent.

While we commend the effort of fire fighters in putting out the fire, for avoidance of similar antics in the future by agents of corruption in government, there must be deliberate effort to have systems and infrastructures that could put a permanent stop to incidences of fire outbreak and other incidences capable of compromising the safety and security public of public records particularly the high-profile establishments like the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation.

Finally, we urge Nigerians to keep adhering strictly to the ‘golden rules’ in the ongoing lockdown and safety measures on the COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria.

God bless Nigeria!



On the 22nd of August 2019, AYGF had its quarterly Board meeting together with its Board members. The meeting was successful and we had a detailed and in-depth review of where we are currently, highlighting our various successes and challenges to help pull out lessons we need to take note of and to brainstorm on achieving greater impact going forward.


AYGF Pays a Stakeholder Consultation Visit Together With IOM (International Organization for Migration) to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

AYGF paid advocacy and stakeholders visit to The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the 1st of August 2019 together with an IOM representative present to help foster relationships with the Embassies in Nigeria to better deliver the EU-IOM funded project titled “Extension of Labour Inspection Activity and Labour Law Enforcement to Sectors and Workplaces Where Migrant Workers May be Present”.
We were received by the Ag. Director Consular, in the person of Mr. Manu Mohammed, and other foreign affairs official. An introduction was  made of the organization and the project highlighted.
The Ministry thanked us for the visit and project presentation. He assured us of helping with any assistance we require in contacting the different Embassies.



AYGF paid an advocacy and stakeholders engagement visit to the German Embassy in Abuja on 22nd of July 2019 in Abuja in respect of the EU-IOM funded extension of labour inspection activity and labour law enforcement to sectors and work places where migrant workers may be present project. The AYGF delegation was received by Mr Lief E. Strobner, The Head of Refugees, Migration and Humanitarian Aid in Nigeria and ECOWAS Region.  Mr lief pledged on behalf of the German mission the necessary support that will see to the success of the project.