AYGF is a leading community friendly development organization in the sub-region. Founded in 2003 and officially incorporated in Nigeria in 2006, it has established its footprints in the health and development sectors in the sub-region including Nigeria.

AYGF Health

It has deep bias in the area of maternal and infant nutritional and health support services with several projects and years of performance to show for it. AYGF works with UNDP, ECOWAS, International Organisation for Migration (IOM), WHO, Unicef on several development projects over these years. It has official accreditation and registration with the Federal Ministry of health as a performing and recognized Non-state Actor in the health sector in Nigeria.

For about sixteen years, AYGF under its health theme has partnered with critical international, multilateral, bilateral, unilateral, national institutions including federal, state and local governments across Nigeria and around Africa help to contribute to reduction of health challenges amongst the vulnerable and underserved population while accelerating access to health services to the same target population at the community level particularly on the four strands of our health intervention;

  • Maternal and Infant Health Delivery services particularly nutritional support services.
  • Psycho-socio Counseling and mental health support services for young people.
  • Adolescent Sexual, Reproductive & Nutritional Health services.
  • Health Intervention Tracking and Accountability Project (HITAP)

Our systemic and community driven approach helps to ensure long-lasting results: AYGF has helped to expand access to high-quality health services; develop pharmaceutical and supply chain management capacities; build skills in leadership, transparency, and accountability; and create new avenues for health sector stakeholders to share knowledge with their colleagues within the region.

It has its field offices across states in Nigeria with operational offices in Lokoja (Kogi), Minna (Niger) and Abuja, FCT as its country head office.