What is NIN?

NIN, stands for National Identification Number. It is a record of your demographic data, fingerprints, head-to-shoulder facial picture, other biometric data, and digital signature in the National Identity Database.

Who is Enforcing the Enrollment for NIN?

The Federal Government of Nigeria through the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC)

Why Enroll for NIN?

Now more than ever, it’s mandatory, for every transaction, not to mention, exercising your Franchise, which is your right to vote and be voted for in the upcoming elections.

No NIN, no voting, so don’t disenfranchise yourself. There is more. The National e-ID card is the future and your NIN registration is the only road in that direction. Do you want to travel? International passport application & acquisition is mandatory and your NIN is required. I believe it’s no longer news, that your bank accounts will have your BVN replaced with your NIN. How about your freedom to drive a car? You need the NIN to get a driver’s license.

Health is wealth, they say, and the National Health Insurance Scheme requires your NIN for registration and participation. Taxes are part of your civil obligations and your NIN is the only link to the database to verify your commitment to paying your taxes, in order not to be mistaken for a tax evader. What about transactions related to your contributory pension scheme? you don’t want to lose your hard-earned, life savings just because you were too busy for the NIN.

Why risk getting disconnected from your telecom service provider for not linking your

SIM to NIN; not to mention new regulation for SIM registration and replacements. Access to the welfare and other relevant services from the Nigerian government requires your NIN; so the next time there is a palliative, they might be asking for your NIN. Also, transactions with social security implications require your NIN.

Finally, it’s everybody’s dream to become a landlord but Land transactions, subject to Land Use require proper identification and that can only be guaranteed with the NIN.

Requirements for NIN Enrollment

Now, I believe you must be looking through your things for your birth certificate or declaration of age, driver’s License, government staff ID card, registered/recognized private organization staff ID card, tax clearance certificate, attestation letter from a prominent ruler in your community.

Find the nearest NIMC Enrollment Centre with your BVN if you have one and any of the documents listed, follow the link https://nimc.gov.ng/how-to-enrol-adults/  for more information on required documents. Save yourself the pain today and register for NIN.

Who Needs to Enroll for NIN?

Every Nigerian, home and abroad. A civil obligation and duty to Nigeria to help her gather data, necessary for proper management of development goals, migration-related issues, and democratic governance.

Who to Talk to for Useful Information and Assistance with the NIN Enrollment.

AYGF is a Non-governmental organization committed to ensuring development in Africa, linked to democracy, governance, and development. AYGF is Licensed by NIMC, to facilitate and assist the general public, with the enrollment process for the NIN.

A step in the right direction, towards achieving so many of the organization’s set goals for Nigeria, and Africa at large, as embedded in its mission and vision statements. Follow this link https://www.aygf.org for more information and sign up for Newsletters. You can also send an email to Info@aygf.org.


Abba Abba