: In a bid to further widen our scope and extend our reach, we work in the area of democracy as we seek to strengthen our existing democratic institutions, and to map out new strategies to better enhance democracy, starting from Nigeria to Africa. We deal with issues pertaining to elections, youth participation in politics, women involvement in politics, voters’ apathy, electoral violence, and electoral reforms. Under this focal area, AYGF has two major outstanding projects which are :

Electoral Promises Accountability Project

Electoral Promises Accountability Project: The Electoral Promises Accountability Project is designed basically to help keep public office holders in check. It is common knowledge that most public office holders in Nigeria, during elections come up with enticing and bogus manifestoes meant to cajole the masses into voting them into  offices. However, promises made before the elections vis-à-vis the results gotten after the election is often a sorry tale to tell. AYGF came up with this project as a way to hold public service holders in Nigeria accountable to the promises made in their campaign manifestos. Adopting a “name and shame” approach, this project hopes to bring about accountability and fairness on the part of public office holders in Nigeria in keeping to the social contract they sign with the people they lead.

STEP-OUT Campaign

The STEP-OUT Campaign is designed to address strictly the issue problem of voter apathy in Nigeria. We enlighten the masses on the ill effects of apathy and to let them know exactly why it is important to take active part in electoral processes no matter how rigorous and bureaucratic it may seem. To effectively carry out this project, the campaign has been split under three sub-components which are

    • Step-out to get your PVC: Your Permanent Voters’ Card (PVC) is the only means through which you can exercise your right to vote your preferred candidate as a Nigerian citizen. This campaign starts with educating people on the need to obtain their PVCs to enable them fulfill their civic obligations.
    • Step-Out to Vote: Elections are very sensitive interest in national polity and development and the results of any election stand to make or mar the lives and future of any society. Educating the masses on the need to step out and vote on the Election Day is key. Do not be anywhere else but the polling center on the Election Day.
    • Step-Out to Vote Right: This aspect of the campaign would seek to deal with the psyche of those who believe in selling out votes or voting strictly based on sentiments like ethnicity, tribe, religion, gender, etc. To achieve the collective results we desire as nation, only the right type of leaders with a proven track record of visionary leadership ought to be given the chance to show their worth in governing spheres of influence. To this end, people must be encouraged to vote right devoid of sentiments, or votes bought by those seeking positions of power (don’t ever sell your vote; don’t ever sell your future). Step-out to get your PVC, Step-out to vote, and Step-out to vote right.