The AYGF through the instrumentality of our various flagship projects seek to strengthen the interventions being doled out in the migration sector in Africa.


In a bid to further widen our scope and extend our reach, we work in the area of democracy as we seek to strengthen our existing democratic institutions, and to map out new strategies to better enhance democracy, starting from Nigeria to Africa. We deal with issues pertaining to elections, youth participation in politics, women involvement in politics, voters’ apathy, electoral violence, and electoral reforms.


At Africa Youth Growth Foundation, we are poised to contributing our quota to the development of individuals, communities, and societies. We believe that growth and positive change cannot be feasible without development to drive it. It is against this backdrop that we have crafted stellar projects to drive this agenda of the organization.


An African society where the voice of the youth is heard and their interest and welfare prioritized, in-line with ACT! 2030 Sustainable Development Goals


Building an African society through constructive engagement with stakeholders toexpand opportunities for self-development and realization.


Promote and expand the frontiers for effective participation of the youth demography in democratic processes.

Create and expand the windows for value addition of the youth in governance at various levels.

Attend to critical issues of development that guarantees employment and reduce poverty of the youth population.


Our Core Values are:

  • Integrity
  • Mutual Respect
  • Fairness and Justice
  • Transparency
  • Team Work
    Our work is not done until it is proven to be.
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