The AYGF through the instrumentality of our various flagship projects seek to strengthen the interventions being doled out in the migration sector in Africa.
The following are our present migration related projects:

Extension of Labour Inspection Activity and Labour Laws Enforcement to Sectors or Workplaces Where Migrant Workers may be Present:

AYGF is currently working on a project with the partnership of the European Union (EU) through the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The project is designed to further strengthen the interventions by the EU-IOM initiative for Migrant Protection and Re-integration in Nigeria. The project seeks to extend labour inspection activity and labour law enfocrment to sectors and workplaces where migrant workers may be present in Nigeria. It is a project aimed at protecting the welfare, rights, dignity, safety and obligation of migrant workers in Nigeria within the context of implementation of and compliance with National Policy on Migration, National Policy on Labour Migration and other International Labour Conventions and Treaties. The project is being implemented under the close working relationship of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment with the support of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS).

Border Operatives And Migrant Protection Program (Bompp):

This project is the second project under the funding support of the European Union (EU) through the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

The project seeks to extensively train border operatives in the three strategic land borders in Nigeria on the need to identify, uphold, respect and protect the right, dignity and safety of migrants along the borders in consonant with the national and international laws, policies and treaties on migrant rights and border controls. The three borders are Seme border (Lagos state in South West Nigeria), Nfum border (Cross River State in South South Nigeria) and Jibiya border (Katsina State in North Western Nigeria). The target operatives under the project include the officers and men of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Nigeria Police Force, Port Health, etc.

Migration Information Communication Campaign Nigeria (MICC - Nigeria)

MICC Nigeria is an initiative of AYGF born out of the necessity to educate and expose potential migrants on the dangers of unplanned and irregular migration. It seeks to unearth some of the harsh realities of irregular migration and sensitize the public on the pathways to safe, regular and dignified migration. Our goal is to empower the critical mass of young people using different but creative tools and platforms to engage and drive the narratives that could birth and escalate behavioural change on irregular migration mix and trends.

Global Concert Against Xenophobic Attack And Irregular Migration:

The Global Concert Against Xenophobic Attack is planned annually to be hosted by different countries each year to raise global awareness on the risk, dangers of xenophobic attack and irregular migration. It is believed that human life is sacred and the need to protect and defend the lives, property and dignity of migrants is non-negotiable conditionality for humane and decent world.


#MICCNigeriaChallenge is a component of the Migration Information and Communication Campaign (MICC Nigeria) being implemented by the Africa Youth Growth Foundation (AYGF) with funding support from the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany. The Project is designed primarily to contribute to reduction in the incidences of irregular migration and human trafficking in Nigeria through strategic and aggressive advocacies and innovative media engagements.