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Africa Youth Growth Foundation Secures Partnership with Computer Aid in Uk.

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AYGF lauches National Optimum Population Education Campaign (NOPEC).

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AYGF Provides Home Based Care to HIV/AIDs Infected and Affected Persons

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The Staring Challenges of Africa

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 Our Achievements in Demoractic Governance, Leadership and Anti-corruption

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Get to know more about academic Marathon-Students' Scholarship Scheme Nigeria visit, you can also watch the video jinges here 

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Welcome to AYGF.

home pageAYGF is an NGO established for the African people to   be constructive partners in the renewed  effort of repositioning the countries  in the continent of Africa; an exclusive mechanism to identify our common weaknesses and consolidate on our strength both in the short and long run in close collaboration with local and international development partners of same or similar aspiration.

In AYGF, we seek holistic renewal, clean slate of agenda and a strategic sense of direction for African continent in the 21st century that would ultimately engender socio-economic and political security, stability and re-engineering of the people as encapsulated in democratic governance, incorruptible leadership, undiluted constitutionalism and human right.

AFRICA YOUTH GROWTH FOUNDATION (AYGF) was established in 2003 as a regional Non-governmental Organization called by the imperative need of a committed, focused and courageous youth and community oriented organization that can be entrusted with the onerous responsibility of giving direction and perspective to our political and democratic development in Africa and Nigeria in particular. 





We are well read and conversant in the following Publications;

* Millennium Development Goals Report 2004 for Nigeria

* National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategies (NEEDS) in Nigeria by the National Planning

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This project is aimed at supporting at least 5,000 indigent Nigerian students in achieving their educational aspirations by 2020, and also Promote Academic Excellence and competition as well as revert the dwindling fortune of Nigeria's education through scholarship and or financial support incentive. This project is divided into two Phases;

  1. External Academic Marathon for existing postgraduate and undergraduate students
  2. Internal Academic Marathon for students taking WAEC, JAMB & NECO

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* 2004 Inter-Religious Peace Workshop in Nigeria organized by the World Council of Churches.

* Participated at the Ministerial Press Briefing of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs on “Nigeria in a Globalizing World” by Ambassador Oluyemi Adeniji, CON; Tuesday, November 9, 2004.

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CONSULTANCIES: Africa Youth Growth Foundation secures consultancy services with the Rivers State Government on Excellence in Local Governance Initiative (ELGI) via the Rivers State Sustainable Development Agency (RSSDA) in

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The Staring Challenges of Africa:


Africa is the poorest region in the world with not less than half of its total population living on less than $1.00 per day.

Africa as well accounted for only one percent of the world GDP while its income distribution is skewed against the poor.

Africa is the most marginalized region accounting for only 1.7% of the world commerce, 2% world export, and 0.9% of 

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Recent Happenings in AYGF